The staff of Hall Environmental Consultants, LLC is equipped to complete or assist in the development of nearly any project related to pretreatment, air quality, water, wastewater, or solid waste management.

Our experience and education covers civil, agricultural, and environmental engineering, soil science, and groundwater hydrology. 

Listed here is the wide array of services we offer. We're always expanding our offerings, so if your particular need is not mentioned here, please give us a call.

  • Pretreatment Program Development

  • Pretreatment Program Administration

  • Local Limits Evaluations and/or Development

  • Enforcement Response Plans

  • Sewer Use Ordinances

  • Industrial Inspection and Permit Issuance

  • Special Waste Evaluation

  • Treatment System Evaluation and Design

  • Wastewater Discharge Permits/Applications

  • Flow Meter & Sampler Installation, Calibration, & Maintenance

  • Monitoring and Reporting

  • FOG Program Development, Administration and Inspections

  • Landfill Groundwater Monitoring & Reporting 

  • Groundwater Pollution Prevention Plans (GPP)

  • Leachate Management

  • Groundwater Monitoring and Statistical Analysis

  • Bio solids Management

  • Development of Land Application Programs and Permit Preparation

  • Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plans (SPCC)

  • Toxic Release Inventory Reporting

  • Landfarm Permitting


  • Contract Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation and Troubleshooting

  • Process Design and Evaluation 

  • Efficiency Studies

  • O&M Manual Development

  • Start-Up Assistance

  • Monitoring & Reporting

  • Stormwater Monitoring and Training 

  • Total Maximum Daily Loading Calculations

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

  • Low Level Mercury Sampling

  • GIS Mapping of Wastewater & Stormwater Collection Systems

  • CMOM Audits & Plan Preparation

  • Wastewater Lab Certification Consulting 

  • NetDMR Setup and Reporting

  • Groundwater Protection Plans (GPP)

  • Wastewater Lagoon Consulting & Monitoring 

  • Plant Performance Evaluation

  • Monitoring Oversight

  • Drinking Water Monitoring & Analysis 

  • Consumer Confidence Reports

  • Drinking Water Reporting 

  • Environmental Inspections 

  • SPCCs 

  • SWPPPs 

  • Compliance Audits 

  • BMP Plans

  • Stormwater Monitoring & Reporting

  • Routine Monthly Inspections 

  • Tier II Reporting 

  • Industrial Wastewater Consulting

  • Wastewater Microbiology and Chemical Analysis

  • Drinking Water Microbology Analysis

  • Sludge Microbiology Analysis

  • Field Analysis