Expert Environmental Solutions to meet today and tomorrow's challenges.

Dealing with environmental regulations can be daunting. Hall Environmental Consultants, LLC is here to assist. Whether you're in Kentucky, in one of our neighboring states, or abroad, you can count on Hall Environmental to keep the project moving forward. 

Clearing up Complexity
is second Nature

It's our Business
to make your job easier

The complexity of modern environmental regulations challenges municipalities and businesses to strike a balance between compliance and the cost of staying competitive. Hall Environmental Consultants ensures all of our customers meet these challenges through the help of our expert, cost-effective consulting services.

Project Areas

  • Drinking Water
  • Water quality
  • Wastewater
  • Industrial pretreatment
  • Solid Waste management

Five Promises
to our clients

  1. One-on-one communication
  2. We will always work hard and do our best
  3. The client’s needs come first
  4. We will strive to offer practical solutions that balance costs and benefits
  5. We will operate with integrity, commitment and respect

Experience, knowledge and expertise matter

Our experience -- combined with knowledge of federal, state, and local regulatory systems -- allows Hall Environmental Consultants to offer our clients the best people, products, and process tailored to their unique needs. We're always adding to the host of services we offer to meet the growing needs of municipalities and business owners.

Solving Problems Together

At Hall Environmental Consultants, we know every situation and project is different. Some come with unique challenges. We excel at offering the knowledge, flexibility and experience to deal with the "unusual." Talk to us.

  • Kentucky wastewater certified under the new 2013 regulations

  • Kentucky drinking water certified